TUTORIAL: Fitting a fixed gear cog and lockring

By Ben Butterfield • Mechanics • 30 Nov 2011

Tools Required

1 x tub of copper grease
1 x chainwhip / lockring tool

How To Do It

If you have a hub which will take a fixed cog and a lockring, you should be able to see a step in it like this:

Coat the threads in a generous layer of copper grease:

Screw the cog on by hand as far as you can:

Wrap the chainwhip around the cog and tighten it as hard as you can:

Screw the lockring on by hand as far as you can:

Get the tooth of the lockring tool properly seated, hold it in place, and then do that lockring up as tight as you can. Remember that it turns the opposite way to normal (righty does not equal tighty):

2 Responses

  1. Dan cooper

    Im curious, can you do it as tight as you like? Is there a possibility of cross threading?

  2. Pretty much! I wouldn’t recommend putting it in a vice or anything, but get it as tight as you can by hand with a standard lockring tool. Yes – you can cross thread it and that would be very bad, so pay attention.

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